Office and Work Method

Haagstate Advocaten is a modern corporate law firm specialised in business law and employment/labour law. We see ourselves as a professional sparring partner for businesses and entrepreneurs, while in-depth understanding and practical solutions are our priority. Internally as well in our correspondence with you: our communication is direct and open, using contemporary language.

Haagstate Advocaten was incorporated by attorneys coming from the major law firms in the Randstad area. We think that our clients are best served with specialisation and small-scale work. This keeps us focussed and makes our work effective and efficient. Our clients are guaranteed an excellent quality against competitive rates. If a subject matter does not form part of our competences, we refer clients to a specialist in our network. In this manner we continue handling cases we are good at.

Our office mainly focusses on companies and entrepreneurs, national as well as international. Of course, we also assist private individuals, as long as we have the relevant expertise. We advise and assist in the field of business acquisitions, labour disputes, real estate, collection of debts and commercial projects. In addition, civil litigation activities are frequent. As we are active in both advisory and procedural roles, we are able to translate all current legal developments into practice in a manner which benefits our clients.

Haagstate Advocaten
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