Combative, professional and focussed on results. These key words describe the work method of the collection team of Haagstate Advocaten. We strive for a maximal result with optimal services. Whereas the collection of receivables is concerned, our specialists have years of experience in the area of advice and assistance for small and medium sized business, while the wishes of the principal always take centre stage.

Out of court procedure
For out of court procedures, the collections costs are calculated in conformity with the conditions and rates applied by the legislator and by the court (graduated rates). Initially, these costs will be recovered from the debtor. The costs will be charged to the principal if it appears that the debtor does not provide sufficient opportunity for recovery and/or the case is withdrawn without justifiable reasons. In short, the principal only pays the collection costs if the debtor is unable to pay and/or the collection assignment is withdrawn.

Judicial procedure
If it purely concerns a collection (meaning that no defence is set up against the claim), we apply - in addition to extra-juridical costs - the standard rates set out below. These rates do not include the costs of thirds (such a court expenses (court registry fees) and bailiff’s costs). Should a court order for costs follow and the assigned salary of the authorised person/attorney is higher than the applied standard rate, then the excess will accrue to Haagstate Advocaten.

Receivables up to € 1.000 € 150
Receivables of € 1.000 – € 2.500 € 250
Receivables or more than € 2.500 € 500

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